Game Controls
Published 3 months ago
An article about ARMA and the utilization of control options.

Praise - What do you like about the game controls do you like

ARMA does well at putting more options in the hands of its players than any other game on the market. Whether the player is running from combat zone to combat zone, flying a jet, maneuvering a submarine, or driving a vehicle, the player can use a full array of keys and buttons, maximizing the whole keyboard, to play the game the way the player prefers. This amount of control may be overwhelming for some consumers, but for those who are looking for an immerse military simulation experience, ARMA provides all of this and more.

Overview - What is the game about

This game is, as mentioned above, an immersive military experience that aims to bring as much realism to the table as possible within the context of a video game. With realism comes a plethora of choices and controls. Many of the game modes enable the player to utilize many real-life tools and vehicles, all of which bring mechanics to the table that differ from the other options. For instance, when flying a helicopter, the player is able to manually or automatically hover, enable night vision (when enabled), maneuver vertically, horizontally, and laterally which all come with their own keybindings.

Issues - What are some issues or lack of controls in the game

I would argue that this game does not lack any controls, however, there is a clear skill gap between people who play this game and those who have never played before. Many of the controls that are generally intuitive for those who play a lot of games, including movement and aiming down sights, are different in ARMA and require some amount of learning on the front of playing. This can cause players that are looking at getting into this game to experience some friction with the game, possibly even turning them off from the game altogether. More casual players will likely not even approach this game with the steepness of the learning curve.

Strategy - How could the controls be improved upon

If there were different sets of controls for different player types (beginners versus experienced players) whereas new players would use a simpler control set than those who require more control at their fingertips. That way, the game would remain playable without utilizing all of its features. If a player wants to take full advantage of all the controls, they could at that point learn the more advanced versions of the controls.

Encouragement - Restate things you liked about the game and any encouraging aspects

Again, this is one of the more in-depth, simulation-driven games that I have played in my time playing video games. I believe that this game implements more controls in a more effective way than any other game on the market right now. Although this amount of control and option driven experience may be overwhelming to some, those who can appreciate the realism it affords enjoy the amount of power that comes with it to determine how the game will be played. The devil is said to be in the details, so the developers of ARMA really wrestled with the devil to provide an experience to consumers that enables a player to have the ability to control the minute details of their character down to what type of prone position they are in and which shoulder and to what degree they turn their head with the push of a button or two.
Caleb Pfanstiel
CIS Student - Student