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Genshin Impact's Controls and Its Relationship with the Game
Genshin Impact is a new and popular gacha MMO(massively multiplayer online) and RPG(role-play game) made by miYoHo released late September in 2020. You play as various characters, unlocked from both the story and through in-game purchases, in an open-world adventure where you follow through a story run at your own pace. The game is heavily similar to other popular open-world adventure games such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but is still unique and wildly praised by many. The game is available on multiple platforms, so for this article I'll be discussing the PC (computer) version.


There are many controls in this game. These include moving your character with the WASD keys, directing camera control with your mouse, multiple hot-keys available on the keyboard with various functions to access inventory, menus, and quest logs, and also using the mouse to click on options seen on screen when available.
Skill wise, the game is very simple to handle. Moving around your character uses a universal movement control with the WASD keys and mouse. The hotkeys are also simple to use as keys needed to play the game are all in a general area on the keyboard. The need for timing and speed of hitting these keys can impact the game, but is not the primary need to play/win the game. This game allows for infinite tries and has no way to "lose" a game. Therefore, there is little to no stress on needing to hit any keys "skillfully" unless one would like to learn to. Not only is it easy to move your character and navigate though all the different systems, but it is all very smooth (all keys are simple to find and easy to connect which key does what as the game shows it to you).
I would say there are generally about 3 to 4 controls that players must keep track of all time: movement, abilities, and/or hotkey selection(interacting, changing characters mid-game, accessing menus, etc.). Players mainly only control the movement of characters in and out of combat.

Inputs and Outputs

The primary inputs players can input into Genshin Impact is the character's movement in combat, out of combat, and the choosing of which objects to interact with in the 3D open world available, bounded by large boundaries. Some outputs in the game include being able to defeat monsters/creatures, collect items, complete quests, and die if hit points reach 0.

AI controls

There are multiple NPC's and creatures that have AI, where they move, speak, narrate the story, and fight the player. The NPC's of Genshin Impact are well written with character stories and narration that moves the whole game along as an RPG. With player controls, players are able to interact with the AI and NPC's by choosing to speak to certain NPC's, or choosing to go in combat with a creature. The player will receive reactions such as getting attacked by said AI creature or engaging in story with NPC's.


Genshin Impact, when it comes to controls, could potentially be overwhelming to players who aren't used to playing PC games, or open-world adventure games, as the freedom to run, jump, and climb almost anywhere can be a lot. There also a system where Genshin Impact has a luck-based gacha system where players spend money to roll random items to use in-game, such as weapons and characters to use. Quite a few characters that some players may enjoy can only be unlocked by these luck-based controls, which has a potential to wipe away many players' pocket change; however, this control is not a primary feature of the game and is not needed to play the game. Personally, I enjoy this game's controls; they're easy to use and learn.
Alisa Grigorieva
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