Game Box
Game Box is a collection of 16 minigames categorized in Technology, Human Body and Family, all targeted to kids from 3 years old. The minigames are about: 1. The sound of different devices 2. Cleaning the computer lab 3. Colouring the human body 4. Moving the human body 5. Building a face 6. Dancing with different parts of body 7. Shooting a soccer ball to score 5 goals 8. Discovering our internal organs 9. Exercising with different movements 10. Building your family’s photo 11. Cleaning the room 12. Cooking and decorating cookies 13. Finding the missing key 14. Completing 3 different puzzles with 3 amounts of pieces 15. Finding the exit of the house while avoiding dangerous objects 16. Packing the right things to go to the beach For more details, please visit my website and full portfolio:
Luis Chicas
Game Developer - Programmer