Gamblit TriStation™
Updated 2 years ago
NOW LIVE! The Gamblit Gaming TriStation brings you the excitement and fun of video games right onto the casino floor! Play your favorite games for CASH!

Games on Gamblit TriStation™:

Chain letters, form words, win cash! You have 30 seconds to use your mad wordsmith skills and unlock up to 5 payouts. How lucky are your words?

Slice ingredients to bake the ultimate cake and win big! Fast and furious slashing gameplay is easy to pick up, but skillful slicing whips up higher payout potential!

Evolve Mega-Adorbs Critters and WIN! Match 3 of the same creature to win cash, and use powerups to see how high up the evolutionary chain you can go! Create multi-match combos to win BIG!
The most popular mobile game genre in the world is now ready for the casino! Match 3 or more fruits, make smoothies, and win big! Smarter, faster and more skillful play opens up even higher payouts.

Barry Steakfries is at it again! Relive Barry’s adventures with the Machine Gun Jetpack as you travel far, avoid hazards, cause destruction, and WIN CASH! Flying into casinos in 2017!

The worldwide #1 smash hit game comes to casinos! Launch a shot, topple the knights, and WIN! Unleash tornadoes, meteor storms, and mystic vortexes causing massive destruction and mayhem for money!
Shoot zombies. Win cash. It’s every gamer’s dream come true! The over 70 million downloaded worldwide sensation is a Gamblit exclusive coming to casino floors in 2017. Will you survive?

This futuristic, adrenaline-infused racing game was a huge hit on mobile and its intense races are coming to casino floors in 2017. Do you have what it takes to race at Breakneck speeds?
The world's most popular classic arcade genre in a way you've never seen before! Use your mad pinball skills to go from the Playboy™ Club, into the famed Playboy Mansion. Collect coins to earn max payouts before time runs out and win big with Playboy Pinball!

Blow up aliens and asteroids to win cash! Enemies come from every direction in this frenetic, fast-paced space shooter! Skillful shooting will save the galaxy and increase your payouts!
The Doodler is back! One of the best mobile games of all time, Doodle Jump takes players on an intense journey up a hazardous sheet of graph paper with virtually no end in sight. Pick up some awesome power-ups while avoiding perilous obstacles as you jump on supernatural platforms to make your way to the top. How high can you get?
Go on an epic adventure with Om Nom™ as you solve rewarding puzzles and make your way through hundreds of levels in the ultimate pursuit of candy. And now you can win cash while doing so! With over a billion downloads, this Gamblit exclusive is coming to casinos in 2018.
Want to earn money while winning races, annihilating enemy bikers, and causing destruction with a strategically placed C-4? This driving combat adventure comes racing into casinos in 2018.
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