GALDOR: VR Fortune Teller
GALDOR is a virtual reality fortune teller made for the GearVR, focused on being a non-disorienting, seated VR experience. My primary contribution to the project involved creating the Head Gesture recognition system that the app uses as its form of input. Instead of requiring the user to touch buttons on the side of the headset, or hold a controller that they can't actually see while in VR, GALDOR derives its input based on common head gestures: a head nod for 'Yes' and a head shake for 'No'. The Fortune Teller himself generates fortunes based on randomly assembled phrases, parsed from JSON. Additionally, I was responsible for assembling the gameplay scene in such a way so as to be visually interesting, without also disorienting users who were not previously acclimated to VR. Designed and built as my first stab at VR, in (under) 24 hours during the Becker 2016 Game Jam. Featuring 3D art assets from Dillon DeSimone and additional code from Kelly Zhang. You can check out the project here:
Tom Farro