Galaxy Stone
A 2D tactical turn-based strategy game inspired by games like Fire Emblem, Shining Force, Final Fantasy Tactics, and many more. Though similar to games such as those in some regards, there are also many fun and unique features. Galaxy Stone takes place on a strange and peaceful planet that is suddenly invaded by hostile alien beings. Recruit and command a force of peculiar creatures in order to defend the planet and its inhabitants against the alien invaders. The idea for this project was initially conceived by my good friend Ben Hance, I thought it seemed like a fun project so I approached him about turning it from a concept into a reality. We got a couple of other friends (Me and three other talented guys) in on it and started our own independent video game development company, Crystal Rainbow Studios. We are currently hard at work towards a publicly playable demo/ prototype and a website to accompany it as well. All images are from development builds, and is subject to change.
Alex Nava
Coding/ Art/ Music/ Design - Programmer