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Meditative space runner. Monsters, dream team, slow mo.
Dear, community!
🚀Today a big day for our small team of two!
We just published our very first game. It was a long journey and we finally finished it. We paused a development many times, but always come back to it later. Usual life and its common problems like finding money for living, paying bills or family matters ripped us out from the development frequently and for long time.
It’s a shame 😅 for me to admit that we started working when Unity just released 5.4 version. Fully rely on your understanding. You all knows how it's usually happen, how it's difficult and sometimes nearly impossible to continue doing what you like without support, time or resources.
We do not expect that Galarika will be a hit or even close. Our goal is a few thousands installs and maybe a $50 revenue in total (by the way we already received 🤑 $5 from a friend of mine who bought 💎 in-app).
We used well know gameplay: space runner, with control by one finger and add few features such as game bonuses and time freezing. We put a lot of efforts in design and animation. The idea was that pleasure from good graphics could partly compensate a simple gameplay.
One funny thing, while our development took so long, other devs in similar genre came up with similar features ideas. “If you doing something, do it fast” - became one of the lessons we had learned. Promise to share with you more such lessons we had passed.
Most likely my programming tips will be not interesting, so i better left it to someone more experienced. But few life hacks in UI/UX and store marketing and localization could be useful. Hope i will not fall into a new absence and post it very soon :)
Guys, thank you for reading this. We are very depend on your support. Please, 🙏 spent just 5 minutes on few clicks to install Galarika and see what is it like. If you’ll decide that it deserves 5 star review, be our hero and rate it👨‍💻.
We are very appreciated for your help, you are awesome. The Unity community are truly the best in gamedev 🥇 and we proud to be part of it.
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