Galapagos: Origin of Life
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Where are we from? What is our existence?


Where are we from? If you connect the process of reproduction continuously, Life exists in the form of cell growth and division. When we link the changes in parents and children, what we can observe is the wave of growth and extinction.
The insights from these observations ask if life itself is the movement. If we look at movement as life itself, everything that changes is life. Looking at this from a wide range, we appear to be a beautiful wave.

Through the project, I want to let people experience the beauty that assimilated into a part of nature.


Miller- Urey experiment

A chemical experiment that simulated the conditions thought at the time to be present on the early Earth, and tested the chemical origin of life under those conditions.


View of the World

The World

The world of ‘Galapagos’ is a world of constant flux. All environments produce the origin of life energy through motion.
5 motions in the world – Perpendicular Motion : Continuity, Transmission – Expansion Motion : Growth – Wave Motion : Flux – Flocking Motion : Boids – Kinect User Motion : light


All Organisms consist of 64 combinations of genetic words. The origin of life is not much different from ours.


Kinect User the presence moving light in the environment
Vive User The origin of life to create organism

Development Summary

01.Cross Platform Combination

Interaction across the boundary of different devices
– Unity + Kinect + htcVive – XR(Mixed Reality) realization – Interaction of people without VR – Photon Network interlink motion
– Treat the shoulder of Kinect as the origin of sphere – Treat the hand of Kinect as position.Vector of the spherical surface. – position.Vector of hand is the object of flocking avoidance (Technical Reference 2) – Using Tailed Particle

02.Flocking on Spherical Surface

Environment, Ecosystem, Organism Flocking is similar to the movement of migratory birds in the nature. It is the first theory proposed by Craig Reynolds.
– Cluster simulation on a three-dimensional sphere – Elements of Flocking
  • Alignment
  • Separation
  • Cohesion
  • Avoidance
– Boids Transform
  • Angle Velocity – Movement by angular velocity
  • Sphere Position – Position the Boids on the spherical surface
  • Rotation Axis – Normal Axis

03. Organism in Spherical Boundary

– gender(male, female) – Life Cycle: 50sec – creation of organisms
  • A reproduction meeting between a female and a male
  • Organism creation by Vive trigger button
– spherical boundary collision detection – flocking without avoidance

04. Spherical Projection

– 4 Camera
– Multi ViewPort

Future Plan

  • Training Organism with mlAgent
  • Post Processing
  • Genetic Algorithm for reproduction
  • Add an interaction element
  • Import Character Animation


We are all from one origin. So, We are one and everything that exists in harmony.

Used Asset and Package

  • standard asset – particle
  • PUN2
  • SteamVR Plugin
  • Skinner - Keijiro Takahashi
  • NuGet and Unity Pro add-ons(Kinect for windows)
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