Galactic War Online
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Welcome to the Galactic War Online project website. Our goal is to create a Polish MMO RPG in the atmosphere of SF.

In GWO, you play the role of a spaceship commander belonging to one of the parties to the conflict. You will lead the ship in outer space by fighting PvP and PvE battles by completing story missions and participating in battles deciding which side will control the space sector in which the action will take place.

The main assumption of the script is to base the story on an "open world" where players will create current events and enrich it with side threads in the form of story missions.

War is a costly matter, it will also be necessary to collect raw materials, scrap metal and artifacts that will provide financing for ship construction, allow the purchase of equipment, armaments and ammunition.

To gain an advantage in combat, it will be possible to build player squadrons to coordinate activities.

We invite you to cooperate and support our project.
Weles Studio
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English; Polish
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