Galactic Colonies
Published a year ago
In development
iOS; Android
Colonize the galaxy!
Galactic Colonies is a civilization-style, hex based strategy game. Explore and colonize the galaxy with strategic depth of a PC game, on your mobile device.
Explore strange alien planets in a procedurally generated universe. It is your job to colonize the galaxy and find hospitable planets for your people to live on. Build new colonies from the ground up and make sure your colonists can survive on the alien planets.
The games' advanced production system allows you to exploit a planet's resources and set up complex production pipelines to create the many different products needed to build up your colony.
Features, features, features! The game is packed with lots of cool features and content:
  • Explore A Procedurally Generated Universe
  • Discover Alien Planets
  • Build Huge Colonies
  • Gather Resources
  • Set Up Complex Production Chains
  • Research New Technologies
  • Discover Alien Artifacts
  • Prospect Asteroid Fields
  • Upgrade Your Colony Ship
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Supported Platforms
iOS; Android