Gabe Newell
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Gabe Logan Newell, also known as Gaben, was born on November 3rd 1962 in Colorado. He went attended Harvard but later dropped out to work for Microsoft. He spent thirteen years working for the company making Windows operating systems for computers in 1983 and became a very capable programmer. Later after leaving Microsoft, he and some of his colleagues founded Valve in 1998. It became the largest and most used online videogame store which continues to flourish to this day. One of the first game that Newel and his associates created Half-Life which became a popular series amongst gamers since it came out in the late 1990's. According the Wikipedia article on Gabe, he found the definition in gaming from other games, "Doom convinced him that games were the future of entertainment, and Super Mario 64 convinced him that games are a form of art.". Later as the Xbox came out, he claimed that the Xbox Live service was a failure and when Microsoft came out with Windows 8, he said that it was "a threat" to the gaming community (“Wikipedia”).

Video Game Legacy

His biggest and most successful game creations was Half-Life and Half-Life 2. He was quoted for his biggest phrase during production which is a follows: "'C'mon, people, you can't show the player a really big bomb and not let them blow it up.'". (People at Valve - Valve Corporation). He modeled some of the enemies off of his personal troubles. The final boss of Half-Life came from Newell's fear of childbirth at the time of the games production (“Wikipedia”). Gabe Newell also contributed to the Team Fortress 2 hat trade and store. He came up with the idea by becoming a temporary World of Warcraft gold farmer to research the productivity factor. This lead to the game being a smash hit and allowed valve to also have a breakthrough with the online community market as well as the STEAM workshop. Valve saw everyone as content creators and it was proved by them getting called by kids parents, because PayPal pinged the parents saying that the kid was selling drugs when in fact, the kid was making hats and content for Team Fortress 2 on the STEAM workshop which lead the kid to make $500,000 a year just by being a content creator (Palumbo).


Even now Valve is led by Gabe Newell and has continued to thrive, especially in 2020. His and his team's work, the Steam Store, is still the leading platform for game sales and item markets and is competing with the Epic game store. Even though that he only owns a quarter of valve, he continues to make millions and remains as one of the richest tech persons (“Forbes”). To this day STEAM and valve have continued to flourish and provide entertainment to everyone everywhere.
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