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We have posted this game as coming soon on STEAM. Currently only Chinses language are supported, but don't worry, more language supports are on the way!


We are ORBIT GAMES, a small studio located in Chongqing, China. We are so happy to introduce our first game : G2 FIGHTER.
G2 FIGHTER is a top-down shooter game with lots of role playing contents. . We are not planning to just throw players into an empty and unfamiliar world, instead, there will be a main story line that leads to different endings by different decisions, along with many other side quests and random events.
In the game you play as the main character - Bern Pierron - a genetic enhanced agent of a secret organization called G2, but also being well known by common folks as a famous bounty hunter. You will join an epic battle between mankind, machines and zombies. You will discover the secrets of the waste land. You will dive into the ruins of the old world to search for legendary gears built with ancient technology. You can even have your base and army.
It's your call to be what ever you want to be(as long as we made those contents.....). Being an agent loyal to the authority or being a simple bounty hunter kill for money? Being a conqueror of the waste land of being an adventurer lives for exploring? It's your decisions to make.


G2 FIGHTER has a fast paced combat system. Making the screen full with bullets yet still velvety smooth is our premiere goal. The character have 3 ranged weapons(with infinite ammo), 1 melee weapon, 1 grenade, 3 skills and 1 ultimate skill. Also, you can have at most 4 team members and at most 10 hired guns.


There are also many random event spots for you to explore and daily quests for you to complete. If you want more treasure box to loot, be sure to take a visit.


Because this game is an ARPG in essence, avoiding damage to keep character alive by movement is not your first option. Instead, upgrade your gear and skills to do that. You can either be a tank, a professional gunner, an mechanical skill expert or a great leader who can lead powerful team members and mercenaries.


The equipment system is full of random. There are many variants of one specific item, you should always choose to wear the gear that can best match your combat style. As time goes on, we will add more variables to the equipment system, and make more relative system and contents to make it feel even better.


Team members are those characters you will meet in stories, they have their unique appearance, backgrounds and abilities, not just some random disposable NPCs. That means the only way to unlock more team members is to explore more.
It's up to you to choose if you would like them to join you. You can have up to 4 members, but you won't be able to lead someone with a bit of fight if your leadership attribute is low. Also, you can tangle with your team members, to unlock more side quests, and other benefits you may have already guessed...


This one is still under heavy development, but our system can support a base that has 16 km x 16 km with up to 2,560,000 buildings and can process data in real-time. It has already been used to build the major cities in this game, it's just not exposed to players, because we found a complex build system is not fun for this game.


We are planning to release this game at the end of 2018. We will keep this article updated. If you have suggestions, feel free to leave your comments. Thanks!


Yangxi Zhou
A - Programmer
a year ago
Hello@Yangxi Zhou do you finished English and Japaniese version for now? can we cooperate with you on language solutions?
Cherry Chen
2 years ago
Overseas Business Manager
@Yangxi Zhou hey Yangzi, I am Cherry from Sina Games, a renowned game publisher in China. We are very interested in your game and wondering if you have a plan for mobile versions?
2 years ago
VR/AR dev - composer - sound designer
Everything looks pretty cool with this project. I'm just a little confused by the map driving. Seems really out of place for the rest of the project.
Yangxi Zhou
2 years ago
markp-unityLooks great! @Yangxi Zhou Plans to localize and distribute in the US?
Of ourse, we are going to release this game with only chinese localized contents at 12th or 18th, Oct. After that, we are preparing English and Japaniese version and hopefully everthing would be done at the end of this year.
2 years ago
не очень Gunslingers выглядит лучше