Futuristic Pong
Published 2 years ago
Experience the classic Pong game in a minimalistic UI design on your smartphones and tablets. Master Pong using the easy, medium and hard mode. Play the arcade mode and put your pong skills to test. The power-ups in the arcade mode can either be your friend or foe. Pick them up and use them wisely. Be motivated by the quotes at the end of each game. Can you master this Futuristic Pong?

Touch the screen to launch the ball and slide your fingers up and down to control the paddle. Control the ball's direction using the paddle. The edges of the paddle increase the ball's angle and the speed.

The first to score 10 points in Easy, Medium or Hard mode wins the round. Practice and master pong using these modes.

The Arcade mode is addictive and fun to play. The power-ups can help you win points easily as well as make you lose quickly. Direct the ball using the paddle to collect the power-ups. The speed power-up increases the ball's speed, the slow power-up decreases the ball's speed, the shield power-up creates a barrier in the middle and the x2 power-up increases the score by 2. At the end of each game, you receive a quote to motivate you.

Play the game, rate it and have fun!
Emmanuel Johnson
Graduate Student - Student