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Futuristic Exploration
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Futuristic Exploration
Hello, my name is Aldana Zanetta, I’ve been a game developer for about seven years, I have used Unity since 2011. I helped and worked on various video game projects while still in high school. And created a new pipeline for video game characters with the help of Digital Wizards Entertainment. Giving the characters a cinematic quality in real-time but with an extreme optimization. Currently I am directing one of our AAA quality, VR and PC, games that is using Unity as the game engine. If interested, I upload blogs on the project here:
I wanted to create a short story about a robot that was sent to investigate a crash site, and then travels back to the city, with what they found. But due to starting the project five days ago, I had to cutdown on my imagination. So, now the story follows a robot back to the city where they live. And ends when the robot reaches the city. The robot is a very funny and curious character, that likes to wander around. The world on this planet is very desolated with only a small number of creatures reside here. It is very arid and has almost no vegetation. Giving robots the advantage on this world.
By working around 12-14 hours a day on the project I was able to create this short real-time cinematic scene. I started to plan out how I was going to spend the next five days before the contest ended.
Day 1: Created the robot character model. High polycount, low polycount, UV, rigging, and textures
Day 2 : Created the environment in Unity, including lighting and particle effects
Day 3: Worked on the robot’s animations
Day 4: Worked on the cameras, tried different ideas using Cinemachine and the timeline
Day 5: Added sound effects to the timeline.

Screenshots in Unity
I wanted to concentrate mostly on the character’s expressions, since I had a few days left. Throughout development the characters animation and sound effects were top priority. I created the character in Zbrush and later using Modo, I created the low polycount, UV map, and the rigging. The animations of the character were made in Unity using Umotion Pro and the timeline.
The first thing I did once I had the character was to work on the environment. I wanted the environment to be surrealistic but like Earth. I did some parts with intense color while other areas are mostly pallid, like the intro. I started with simple shapes and ideas, and added details to the environment as I went.
For the environment creation I used: Voxeland, MircoSplat, VolumetricLights, FogVolume 3, Volumetric Fog and Mist, Aquas Water/River Set, World Creator, uSky, AllSky, Rawk-Rock and Stone Piles, Dark City and Unity Particle Pack. I also used Substance Painter materials for the terrain.
Camera Settings I tried many types of settings created with PostProcessing Stack, Beautify, Amplify Occlusion and Cinemachine. I ended up using three virtual cameras with different settings. And I switched between them using the timeline. I liked to experiment with the Cinemachine plugin. I created different angles, closeups and moving animations with the virtual camera throughout the scene.
Assets Used
FogVolume 3
Volumetric Fog and Mist
Aquas Water/River Set
World Creator
Rawk-Rock and Stone Piles
Dark City
Unity Particle Pack
PostProcessing Stack
Amplify Occlusion
UMotion Pro
Galactic Adventure Music Pack 1 -Zenith Station

Software Used
Unity 2017.2.0f3
Substance Painter
Aldana Zanetta
Creative Director - Other
Aldana Zanetta
2 years ago
Creative Director
Farrukh AbdurVery nice work :)
Thank you!
Farrukh Abdur
2 years ago
3d Artist / Game Designer
Very nice work :)
Aldana Zanetta
2 years ago
Creative Director
Jorge Reyna TamezGreat job, congratulations and good luck!
Game Developer
Great job, congratulations and good luck!
Aldana Zanetta
2 years ago
Creative Director
Thank you :) I had an idea of creating a little story behind it, but I ran out of time. But still like how it turned out.