Future of Man Made and God Made
Updated a year ago
Fight between man made and god made creature in the future, and how they handle future hand in hand.
In future, we are going to live with bots!!.
We all know that its going to takeover many jobs from humans. Bots are specialized creatures that replaces humans in almost every part of work. There may be exceptions to certain fields.
One-liner: Have you Imagined humans living together with machines ?
Scenario: There are rebels between government and society, to ban bots on earth. But government doesn’t care and in many cases the suits against them proved fruitless.
Scene 1:

Adding concept art below when ever, I get an idea that comes to my mind....
Character Creation - Stylish Humanoid (They are not going to be metal anymore..)
Started to create character for storyline.
DAY 4: Modelling the humanoid
Day 7: Texturing and Animating the humanoid
DAY 9:
Started to create city things -> Shops, Bridges, Roads and little more concept arts for the realistic future using Blender
Here are some of the screen shots,
Day 10- Started working in unity...
"Welcome to square city...". Creating city, roads, sidewalks, buildings and shops.
Day 11: Creating textures for roads, sidewalk and zebra crossing.

Day 12: Developing city step by step.
Day 14:
Modelling different Humans and animating:
Day: 17:
Reshaping city and lighting.
Day 20:

Prasanna Nagarajan