Future League Baseball VR
Updated 3 years ago
In development
Lit Tech Studios is developing an unique first person baseball experience in VR. You can pitch, bat, field and base run - on a unknown planet where you can draft and manage a team of robots, monsters and aliens!
Future League Baseball VR is built on the simple idea of playing sports in VR. However, Lit Tech decides to take this idea further and create a fantasy world around it.
There are four game modes in Future League Baseball VR for players to choose from - Championship mode, Practice mode, ZomBomb/Survival mode and Home run Derby mode.
In the Championship mode, your goal is to defeat all other futuristic baseball teams. You will progress through five different teams, each stronger than the last, and unlock new characters to draft to your team as you go. You will give your teammates "traits" to either empower or disempower them! Also, different teams have their own unique environments and passive skills. For example, fire characters plays in a Volcano stadium with a fire element passive.
If you don't feel ready to compete just yet, join the Practice mode! You can learn all about baseball by going through the Exhibition games. You can pitch, bat, field and base run - be your one person team.
If you are not really a baseball fan, no problem. In truth, I am not, either! (shhh...) For this reason, we specially created the ZomBomb/Survival mode where you will become the saviour of The Future League. Instead of baseball, you will be hitting bombs to kill the enemies or catching and running away from bombs to save yourself. Are you excited for this ridiculous experience? We also have a story for why this game mode exists in The Future League Universe, you can read it on our website.
For both causal or sports gamers, a little challenge cannot hurt, right? You will be surprised by our Home run derby mode. This is not your average derby - where the game lobs slow balls right down in the middle - the further you progress, the harder it gets. You will be swinging at curve balls, sliders, vortex balls and more! With speeds ranging anywhere from 30 to 100 miles per hour high scores won't be easy to achieve. What is vortex ball you ask...well, remember we love to create crazy things! We will update our development on our website, stay tune.
We are incredibly excited about this project, I hope you, dear reader, are too.
Here is our website:
Ting Wen
Co Founder of Lit Tech Studios - Executive