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The making of Future Farmscrapers

Team Intro

I am working solo on this project during time off (weekends, evenings, holidays) from my full time job as Senior Manager (native mobile software architecture) at Nexient in Ann Arbor Michigan. I'm also a small business owner of in Akwesasne; where we develop, publish and manage native mobile software projects for clients worldwide (with strong interest in promoting & supporting Endangered Language Revival). I've been building VR Environments since 2016 for Oculus and Google Cardboard. I most recently started developing for Google Daydream and Vive too. I am a mobile software architect full time since about 2010 (native iOS & Android) and began my career in 1996 as a tech consultant (web architect / tech writer / tech trainer).
The background music and many of the visual assets in this project are from the Unity Asset Store and many artists I discovered on the internet and mention later in this article.

Narrative Inspiration

Inspiration for this Futuristic Environment are from many images, music and art I found online as well as my life experience and views as an Onkwehonwe from an Indian Reservation in North America.
  • "Farming in the sky Sustainable 'farmscrapers' for Shenzhen unveiled by Vincent Callebaut Architects from"
  • Future Farmscrapers Pinterest
  • Future Farmscrapers Google
  • The Water Blessing Song by Nalini. Written Permission provided from Nalini (Dcemeber 2017) to include as background music in this environment.
  • One Spoon, One Bowl, Iroquois, Haudenosaunee, Kanienkeha, Kanienkehake
  • The pollution issues across our planet.
  • Earth Ship processes
  • What skyscrapers might look like in the future

Scene Conceptualization

The Farmscraper City was created about 300 years ago in the Earth year 2100 by the last remaining biological humans after the planet-wide fire storms, on top of the world's tallest mountains. It's small population includes less than 25 humans and thousands of robots, more than ten thousand trans-humans (digital clones created by now deceased biological humans) The first trans-humans themselves also created digital clones. Most of the trans-humans are housed in the clear orbs that quietly float around the community observing and optimizing life support systems. Many other species live in this environment's sky, on the land, under the ground, in the waters and within new materials that were not known during ancient Earth years.
Millions did not survive nor thrive outside this environment because the planet is depleted of most of it's natural resources for breathable air, drinkable water, nutrient rich soil and most of the planet's environments are polluted to the point that it could no longer sustain natural life requirements for many beasts, fish, insects, birds, plants, algae and other living beings.
Thousands of scouts are sent out to map and document the rare tiny ecosystems that are sustaining life for non-humans: Water Bears, Undefined Insects and Mutated Species. They are thriving in areas where humans can not survive without protection or limiting their personal exposure. The last remaining humans stay inside the domes of clear gel to protect them from any potential radiation and other life threatening effects from the environment.
Farmscraper City citizens respect All of Creation and work together to maintain a healthy life sustaining environment for all beings. Zero waste, recycling, up cycling and giving back to the environment is practiced consistently and constantly. Citizens' intentions of expanding and creating many new life sustaining environments with new communities for the possibility that future generations might increase their numbers.
The founders of the city placed art and inspiration from their many cultures for future generations to remember the importance of Respecting All of Creation, how we are all connected on the web of life and how we can work together with gratitude and respect for all.

Material Creation

I am using Unity 3D Objects (sphere, cube cylinder, rectangle, etc) and Unity Store Assets ( 3D Objects, Textures, Music, etc).
The following screenshots & videos show my work in progress with the most current at the top of the stack:

Production Process

Asset Store:

I imported free trees, mushrooms, glass, sky boxes and water for my futuristic environment.
  • Living Birds 3D Models/Characters/Animals by dinopunch in the Unity Asset Store.
  • Drone 1 by Alienated
  • Bodyguards 1.0
  • Courtyard : I used some of the water elements
  • Nature Starter Kit 2 : I used the terrain and trees
  • Sci-Fi Styles Module Pack : I put desks, pilot seats, plants and art inside some of the farmscrapers (not seen in final video)
  • SkySerie Freebie : I used this for the cloudy skybox
  • Tree9 : I put some of the trees in my farmscraper prefabs

Sketch Fab:

I imported 3D objects from various 3D artists at the Sketch Fab website. Thank you to all the following 3D artists for sharing your wonderful 3D art work. I hope my Unity3D dev work and participation in competitions also helps these fabulous artists to get recognition. Many of these may not show in the final video submission, but they are in my environment. I plan to continue experimenting with my wip to publish a VR Environment that will give players the opportunity to see any of the following up close.
  • Empire Vase by Geoffrey Marchal is licensed under CC Attribution-NonCommercial
  • Seated Lion by Rigsters is licensed under CC Attribution
  • Barong - Bali Statue (photogrammetry) by Régis B. is licensed under CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike
  • Dino stone - park Anthropos by 3dhdscan is licensed under CC Attribution
  • Mech Drone by Willy Decarpentrie is licensed under CC Attribution
  • Futuristic safe by boysichterman is licensed under CC Attribution-NonCommercial
  • Futuristic Building by Jonathan is licensed under CC Attribution
  • Industrial Building by Jonathan is licensed under CC Attribution
  • Futuristic Console by orbarts is licensed under CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike
  • Futuristic house model WIP 2( by 3DHaupt( is licensed under CC Attribution-NonCommercial(
  • Atom Robot - Retro Futuristic Version( by sleepwalker77( is licensed under CC Attribution(
  • Atom Robot - Steam Punk Version( by sleepwalker77( is licensed under CC Attribution(
  • IRON-legion( by biswayan( is licensed under CC Attribution(
  • Tower House Design( by 3DHaupt( is licensed under CC Attribution-NonCommercial(
  • Hazard Unit (Free model)( by legitbanana( is licensed under CC Attribution(
  • Futuristic Old Box( by Silenttoaser7( is licensed under CC Attribution(
  • Futuristic House Model WIP 3( by 3DHaupt( is licensed under CC Attribution(
  • 002Ma Modular Panel( by d880( is licensed under CC Attribution(
  • 020 Building kit( by d880( is licensed under CC Attribution(
  • SF Glass Corridor( by d880( is licensed under CC Attribution-NonCommercial(
  • Game Asset Modular Wall Textured( by deniskahvedzic( is licensed under CC Attribution-NonCommercial(
  • Modular Catwalk( by d880( is licensed under CC Attribution(


Each GameObject is in it's own animation layer in the timeline. This screenshot shows you all the orbs and drones that are animated within this environment on the Timeline that I setup (bottom of this screenshot). As of 1/13/2017 my Cinemachine camera is not set up to follow any of my animated game objects - YET.


In this screenshot, you see the settings for my CM FreeLook2 and the animation timeline. This is what makes my camera fly around the environment and what you can see in the video I submit for this challenge.

Post Processing Stack:

I edited the settings on 1/13/2017 with the following settings and I like it better than my first few weeks of work that hadthe oversaturated lighting appearance while I was focused on other tasks in this project

Custom Models:

I created the following Prefabs with Unity's standard 3D primitive shapes ( cylinders, spheres, cubes) and added various materials to each primitive shape.
  • Farmscraper Condo Bases: cylinder, sphere shapes. glass, water, sand, concrete materials.
  • Orbs of Glass: sphere, cylinder and glass texture.

Post Production

After filming this environment, I plan to continue working on this environment to convert it into a VR Experience for Oculus, Vive and Google Daydream. The video film does not show all the interesting game objects in the environment. I want to give viewers the opportunity to immerse themselves into the environment, view everything up close and interact with the various game objects with VR Headsets.

WORK PROGRESS LOG 12/15/2017 - 1/14/2018

Work In Progress Log #11 - Jan 14

Submitted my Final Submission after editing my Virtual Camera, Video Recording and adding a simple spin script to my Unity login cube and Farmscraper Prefabs. I want to do so much more, but I have to get back to the work that pays the bills.

Work In Progress Log #10 - Jan 13

Edited my timeline, cinemachine, post-processing, sun and environment lighting.

Work In Progress Log #9 - Jan 10

Experimented more with Cinemachine and updated this article.

Work In Progress Log #8 - Jan 10

Experimented with the Lighting and Timeline. Added a few more characters. Updated this article.

Work In Progress Log #7 - Jan 7

Added a few more characters & animations. Edited Post Processing, Timeline, Cinemachine Cameras, Lighting and Skybox. Updated this article. TODO: Update Storyboard and add more cinemachine cameras to tell the story..

Work In Progress Log #6 - Jan 6

Tested game views. Recorded game view. Updated post submission article with new screenshots and 2 alpha version video recordings of the game environment. TODO: animate characters. Update Storyboard. Setup timeline & cinemachine to match my storyboard.

Work In Progress Log #5 - Jan 1

Designed a few more Farmscrapers with Unity3D primitives (cubes, spheres...). Placed the assets on the one scene that will be used in final submission. Watched Tutorials: Timeline, Cinemachine. Updated post submission article.

Work In Progress Log #4 - Dec 27

Updated post submission article

Work In Progress Log #3 Dec 26

Reviewed more Unity3d Tutorials (Timeline, Cinemachine, Creating Water & Terrains)
Created Custom PreFabs FarmScrapers with spheres, cylinders, glass, concrete, ground, sand, water.
Created Terrain to hold my Prefab FarmScrapers - I have to improve this skill
Imported Asset Store assets: Trees, Mushrooms, Glass, Nature

Work In Progress Log #2 - Dec 16

Reviewed OTOY assets and articles.
Added to my Unity project: Cinemachine, Timeline, Post Processing Stack, OTOY assets, Unity Store assets.
Sketching out my Video Storyboard & Story
Reviewing Unity Tutorials : creating building prefabs with assets, cubes, spheres, etc.

Work in Progress Log #1 - Dec 15

  • Found Inspiration Art and Updated Dev Environment to Unity 2017.2.0f3
  • Created Unity Project Draft with assets from Unity Asset Store.
  • Bookmarked Tutorials for Cinemachine, Timeline and Post Processing Stack.
  • Marked my Calendar for a work schedule to complete this project before January 10th 2018.
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