Future Data Center
Updated 3 years ago
What would data centers in the outer space look like in the year 2088?
Hi! I'm Vhalerie and I'm an NYC-based producer. I've developed several VR and AR applications including an AR app based on the TV show Game of Thrones created using Unity.
I wanted to try something new since I already made a Cyberpunk Dystopia environment last October. I could have recreated this also in futuristic Shinjuku, Tokyo but I want to try something different.
I'm exploring the idea that one day we'll have data centers in the outer space.
I was initially inspired to create an Inception-like city where somewhere in the near future, we find the need for physical space to store our data centers. But as I went on creating the environment, I realized there might be an opportunity to create an outer space world. My main inspiration is this scene from Star Wars, where there's an attempt to create order in the outer space despite planet earth's degradation and chaos.
Creative Process
I started building my environment in Unity. I used minimal assets to create the environment that can be found in the Unity Asset store. I'm a huge fan of modular assets and repurposing them to look different but still achieving the composition of the scene. I also used a fresnel shader to create the transparent sphere and placed particle systems inside.
Assets, Tools List
Particle Attractor
Particle Dissolve Shader
Milky Way Skybox
Sci-Fi modular environment
Post Processing Stack
Finally, I used minimal edits in the Post Processing Stack since the assets are polished. What it needs is a good camera angle.
For documentation, I created the cinematic scene using the Cinemachine.
I liked the granularity of the Cinemachine, being able to tweak and smoothen the camera's transform. I timed the camera movement with the appearance of the smooth glow particle system to achieve mystery.
Here is the final result:
Vhalerie Lee
Technical Artist - Artist