Fusion Galaxy
Published 3 years ago
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Android; iOS
Fusion Galaxy is a crafting-sorting game. There are two game modes. Gathering, where elements are falling down and must be placed in the correct spot to obtain them. Then there is crafting, which is where the player can combine collected elements to form new ones. The goal is to find every element in each class.
This was developed during the MassDiGI Summer Innovation Program 2015, however, I was not a part of the initial development. In early 2017, I was given the producer role with a team of seven, with the goal of improving Fusion Galaxy in the form of an update and making the game into a "template" in which we could swap the theme for future games. On top of that, we would make a new version of the game with a coral theme.

• Managed team tasks with a basic version of the Agile development process
• Worked with a previously-established codebase which was not well documented
• Modified each script to be more modular ( removing/limiting dependencies on other scripts, "elements" and "classes" would automatically change depending on text sheet)
• Developed a new version of this game with a reef theme simultaneously with the Fusion Galaxy Update
• Edited and re-positioned UI to work on both phone and tablet screen sizes
• Made weekly builds of the game with information on additions and current bugs
• Fixed mild to severe bugs
Emmanuel Mallea
Programmer - Producer
Jared braun
Game Languages
Supported Platforms
Android; iOS