Fun with AR
Published a year ago
Android; iOS
Some of our internal Augmented Reality endeavours and experiments - feel free to reach out to us, we will be happy to send you a demo to play yourself!
AR-KANOID Old school arcade game in AR made with the use of Vuforia, by The Knights of Unity.AR Drone
AR DRONE Simple AR Drone prototype built with Unity and Vuforia. The main marker (barcode) is for the drone itself. The second marker is used as a destination for the drone. The vehicle hovers above a flat surface and follows a barcode around the screen, changing its direction to get to the marker moved by the player.
AR PAINTER Experimental app for painting on air with an AR marker by The Knights of Unity. The main marker (barcode) is a brush, which lets you create multi-colored, semi-3D paintings.
AR MUSIC GAME Players can remove either of the Drums, Bass, Vocals, or Harmony tracks from the current song playing.
DRAW YOUR OWN AR MARKER demo by The Knights of Unity.
MERGE CUBE: THE HOLOGRAM YOU CAN HOLD IN YOUR HANDS! The Merge Cube is a mixed reality device that is used to display holographic visual effects using a mobile phone's camera.
Emilia Fila
Lady Emily - Designer
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Android; iOS