Fruit Catch
Get ready for Fruits Catch, the ultra fun and addictive game. Catch the fruits with the basket. A very simple and addictive fruit game. The kids are hungry and craving the fruits. Now its upto you to feed them, collect all the fruits to feed them. the game is user friendly fast and very delicate. You will really enjoy the multi colour fruits. The interesting part is that the speed of dropping will increase with time and you have to avoid the bombs that will decrease your health point. It is a funny game for children Fruits which children like too much is falling down one by one. Catching the fruits will be interesting for children. How to play the game -Touch on the screen left right to control the basket. -Try not to lose too many fruits. -Avoid catching bombs. -Watch out for bombs, catch them and you are done. Features - Unlimited Fun. - HD graphics - Addictive Game
Amit Kumar Tiwari
Software developer
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