FROST - Frozen Environment Kit
FROST is a fully PBR driven asset pack.
It contains the following assets:
- 32 fully textured frozen assets
- 2 tileable textures (Snow and Frozen Ground)

Each asset comes with 4K resolution Albedo, Glossiness, Roughness, Normal, Emission, Specular Color, Specular Level, AO and Height Maps.
The Height Maps can be used in game to blend other textures with the asset. The textures were atlased onto a single texture sheet.
All of the assets are based on manually created high poly sculpts and had their textures specifically created for them. They were optimized for use in realtime game engines.
As PBR assets they are recommended for desktop but the polycount will have no problem running on mobile as well and can still be further optimized if necessary.
Simon Kratz
3D/VFX guy @Mimimi Games, also likes cats - Artist