From The Beyond
Published 3 years ago
In development
From The Beyond it is based on the year 2030, the world has been destroyed in its entirety. The creators of the universe have selected a human being among billions named Leonard Cougar,a Jewish soldier who had died in the Nazi era, to return it in time and change some facts that have led the planet to extinction and prevent this from happening. The places will be completely real, situations that have occurred in real life, as shown in the first level, Auschwitz in Poland. The idea is to change small details in different periods to give another twist to the history of our planet and change what has happened. Leonard must meet the objectives assigned in each mission to be able to advance, these will destroy control towers, assassinate targets that have attempted throughout history against humanity, steal objects of mass destruction, and much more.
Version 1.0
Juan Cruz Saenz
Developer - Programmer
Game Languages
English; Spanish
Supported Platforms