From Dyson's Sphere to Earth Dome
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My name is Anton. I'm from Kyiv, Ukraine.
Most of the time I'm using Unity as a programmer, but I want to improve myself in every aspect, so I gave a shot to participate in this contest.
I didn't use any concept art. I wanted to create something personal. Creating everything (mostly) by myself. All models and textures were created by me, except trees. Specifically for this contest. Basically it's not just Neon Challenge, it's my personal challenge.
Story behind my submission:
Human/Robot (for you to decide, I coudn't) leaving Dyson's Sphere construction zone to live in Earth Space Domes. He is entering his cabin, says 'goodbye' to his previous location and watches Advertisement about wonderful life near Earth.
I used this apps:
MS Paint :)
Timeline experience:
Impressive built-in tool. Whole project was made using only timeline, no scripting was used. I had fun with this small challenge.
Didn't use it much, but I imagine what can be created with this tool. I used a couple of cameras and Camera Dolly Carts/Tracks.

Post Processing:
Post Processing stack is very powerful. I enjoyed playing with different settings to achieve what I want.
In the first part of the video (before earth) I used Ambient Occlusion, Depth of Field, Bloom, Temporal Antialiasing, Color Grading, Grain, Vignette and Dithering.
In the second part: Depth of Field, Fast Antialiasing, Bloom, Vignette and Dithering.
Working on this was entertaining and fun. I'm impressed by quality of some submissions and I wish I could do such a magnificent job. And i can, just need to improve :)
Good luck to everyone! And have fun creating :)
Assets Used:
Free SpeedTrees Package
Milky Way Skybox
TextMesh Pro
Post Processing Stack
Earth & Planets Skyboxes
Some WIP screenshots:

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