From Dusk Till Yawn
Dusk Till Yawn (working title) is a single-player taxi driver first person simulation where the player’s character suffers from sleep deprivation. This is caused by sleep paralysis. The character is an ex-nascar driver who worked for a taxi company. The owner of the taxi company knew the situation of the character. He used this information to his advantage when his son caused an accident. The main character got framed and fired. He is now out for revenge and it is his mission to surpass his former employer’s taxi company by starting his own taxi company and trying to steal clients. In Dusk Till Yawn the main goal is to do what every taxi driver does: Pick up clients and bring them to their destination while suffering from the effects of sleep deprivation(blurry vision, loss of control, etc.). The main gameplay will consist of balancing the effect of sleep deprivation while driving clients around through powernaps and powerups like coffee and energy drinks.
Souhayl Ouchene