Frogger - Reimagined
Published 8 months ago
This game is a re-imagining of the classic game, Frogger. This version takes the 2D game as it was originally created and converts it to a 3D, third-person perspective game.
In my Prototyping class at Full Sail University, I was placed in a group comprised of me and 5 other students. With this class, we were directed to choose a classic game from a list provided by the instructor, and recreate it in the most basic way. My team, consisting of me, Joshua Schramm, Darby Wall, Jessica Vaughn, Andrew Zahler, and Derek Sharp, chose to recreate Frogger.
The first week, we were to recreate the base mechanics as they were in the game. My role was that of frog/player controls. The second week we made it our own. Again, I developed the controls for the frog/player. The third, and final week, we added polish. This final week, I added animations to the frog, the bird, and the turtles, created a simple AI system for the bird, and made minor tweaks to the frog/player controls.

Michael Smith
Game Designer - Designer
Joshua Schramm
Designer - Student
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