Friendship, Love & Dream
Published a year ago
Proxy art challenge - Friendship, Love & Dream
First of all. I want to express my gratitude to Anthony Huang and Unity for inviting me participate in this contest! That was interesting experience for me. And now about project itself: Well, because the lack of time - i came to conclusion that i need to broke some rules to finish my work in time. And here is what rules i decided to broke: First rule that i broked is that I used in this project existing 3d models from the web, and second broken rule is that i created all that is related to this project in 3ds max (not in Unity). Reason for that was - that i haven't much time to work on it. So i'm appologise for that, but it my circumstances it was the only way to be in time. All i wanted to do, is show my vision, but in terms of modeling and drawing i have problems only with human anatomy and everything that is related to organic forms. But in hard-surface modeling i'm good, as well as in texturing. But again - i haven't done any texturing work here, because the lack of time for me. And btw - this is the reason why i decided to choose cartoon style for my scene.
And now a little about scene itself:
I decided to put all my three dear to the heart memories into one scene (again, the reason - time). As it has been said in submission title there is story about Friendship, Love and Dream.
Well, it's was a period of time when I had a dog and since now i can say that this dog was the best friend that i ever had. And i wanted to show a little about this friendship when i was kid.
Well - it's a long story to tell)
Here i decided to put all my memories related to this in a little non-standard way. I called the rose that I hold in my hands the "rose of memories" - don't know why) just like how it sounds) . It's an unfinished story like 3-rd memory - "Dream", because life still going in it's own way.
And this story demonstrates the day i decided that one day i will be a game developer and i will create really interesting and enjoyable games for people (like in old times). No matter how trite it may sound - It was day when i first time played game called "Half-life". It's my dream.
Maybe next time i will be more free in time for stuff like that. If not for the circumstances, I would have done everything according to the rules. But now my submission is only for look-only purposes)) i just wanted to share my vision with everybody, that's all.
Well, and now - here is video and screenshots of my submission:

PS: sorry for my english if it sometimes lookin or sound weird

Game Developer, 3D Artist, Level-Designer - Artist
a year ago
Game Developer, 3D Artist, Level-Designer
victorI like this comic style. Nice job!
Thank you Victor!)
a year ago
I like this comic style. Nice job!
a year ago
Game Developer, 3D Artist, Level-Designer
Sean SmithThe style and unity photography is beautiful.
Well - i can do better than that. Actually - I made this scene only with 3ds max and for cartoon style i used build-in Nitrous engine tech style of visualization. Unfortunately I haven't time to put it all into Unity. Besides of that i used existing 3d models from web. Of course i wanted to create all art stuff for this project by myself, but again - i was very limited in time. That's why i chosed this approach. But anyway - Thanks Sean)
Sean Smith
a year ago
Just graduated
The style and unity photography is beautiful.