FreeFall: Free For All
Updated 3 years ago
In development
FreeFall: Free For All is a competitive party game for PC. Up to four players must punch and push each other while skydiving, avoiding falling debris, and as a last resort; aiming for the ring at the bottom. There are two game modes: king of the ring (timed) and last man standing(infinite).
The game was in the middle of development when I joined the team of six people. We were aiming to have the game ready to release in fall 2017, however, due to many of the team graduating and their responsibilities in their jobs, the development is on hiatus.
•Coded animated title screen, menu, and character select
• Made scripts to manage game info, sound, players, and UI.
• Programmed core gameplay elements such as score, health, win state, some of the character controls, and collisions with players, debris, ground, and ring.
• Implemented the inControl plugin and replaced original controls code with inControl (which made control work with xInput, resulting in compatibility with multiple controllers).
• Fixed mild to severe bug
Emmanuel Mallea
Programmer - Producer
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