Freedom fighter (Final submission)
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Freedom fighter


Hi All,
I always was a fun of video games. Some time ago I asked myself "Hey, why not to create something on your own?". I started searching the Internet and I found Unity. Since about a year I am creating my own action RPG game. I am doing it alone so 1 year was not enough to finish it and show to the community. Then I found information about this challenge. I though "Ok let's take a part in this event. I don't have to create the whole game, I have a limited time and well...I will have something I can share".


My inspiration for this project is 'Syndicate' game world and some assets from 'Back to the future' movie.
The scenery is based on 'Syndicate' game remake called 'Satellite Reign'. I also decided to add a modified DeLorean DMC-12 car model.

The story

After many years the whole world resources are controlled by one organization. Energy, water or food are distributed mainly between people who work for the organization. Most of the society is starving and freezing in their houses. The main cut scene shows a woman, supported by a spacehip, trying to break into one of the resources warehouse.


Most models are created manually using Blender. Only side characters were made using Mixamo. I also added few walls in the very far background from Adam interior environment asset.


Main character and spaceship animation was created in Blender. Side characters movement was made in Mixamo.


All sounds except 'Party house' music was downloaded from freesound page. 'Party house' music was created in soundstation software.


This was a lot of fun. Many tweaks, adjustments and corrections to meet my expectations. I was really surprised how easy (but of course time consuming) it is to create a small cut scene.


Lighting effects (thunders, car electric effect, dancer pink lightning) created manually using Unity particle system. Effects like torpedo, explosion added from Unity particle pack.

Post processing

A lot of experimentation here to reach the final result. I especially liked the effect of neon reflections on the floor. It was looking really amazing.


I had a lot of problems to record the whole scene. I tried to use some software for recording but there were problems with encoding of the clip. I am not an expert in this area so I will have to work on this in the future. In the end I found Unity recorder which I used. The quality was not perfect but I was able to record the scene :)

Assets used:

  1. Post processing Stack (Link) FREE
  2. SpaceSkies Free (Link) FREE
  3. Mixamo for side characters animations (Link) FREE
  4. Volumetric Fog (Link) FREE
  5. Adam interior environment (Link) FREE
  6. Unity particle pack (Link) FREE
  7. Unity recorder (Link) FREE

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