Freedom Defender
Humor-based tower-defence
Any actual names, events and likenesses are entirely fictional and are used in fictitious and parodic manner. Any resemblance to real life is completely random. In this game You will play as noble UFCA (United Freedom Country of Arsholes) citizens and try to stop filthy enemies of freedom from all around planet Dearth (and maybe even outside it!) in different ways. The game is some kind of tower-defense, but with many nonclassical features like gambling-minigames, driving vehicles, even fighting! In nearest future we're planning to add more languages, Mac and Linux support (and maybe even iOS and Android!), add Multi-player with PvP and, ofcourse, more locations to fight the enemies of freedom! Key-features: 1)Full campaign with 40 levels 2)Endless survival mode 3)Different minigames 4)Tons of fun! 5)Free beer and cheeseburgers 6)And FREEDOM ofcourse!
Kirill I. Timoshchuk
CEO @ League of Sweat LLC