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A Game concept

High Concept

The main objective in the game is "Prison Break'. All game elements and assets will be interactive. The interactions and their possible outcomes have to be discovered. You are serving a life term in prison. You don't have any super human abilities, you are just a normal human being. You have to plan the escape.

Overview and Setup

  • Description: RPG, Strategy
  • Platform: PC and Console
  • Target Audience: 16+
The Central idea of the game is a 'Prison Break'. It is an observation based game, in which you must be dependent on your immersion and deduction. All the elements are interactive, with the interactions defined by you (to an extent). Every action has a consequence/ outcome/ reaction/ result. Time mapping is 1:1 with the option of fast forwarding. Hence the pace of the game is dependent on the player. Best control over the game is achieved at 1:1 pace.
You start as a prisoner in a high security prison. You are serving a life term and the only way to the outside world is a jail break. You have to plan meticulously. No extra details are given to you.
It is a role playing game where you must interact with each and everything to discover interactions. It is a 'rogue' like game, your death will restart the game. But your death is tough. You will get beaten up or face difficult situations but you will not die. Even if you are caught escaping you will not be shot. You'll just be stunned and then sent to isolation, making the escape much more tough. Every time you are caught, that method of escape is discovered. The game evolves and so should you.
Plan as much as you want, short term or long term. You just have to escape.


The mood of the game has to reflect a standard prison as shown in Hollywood movies


The character being played used to be a high profile personality, who expects respect and some control over others. However in a prison, who you were outside doesn't really matter. There are in-mates who will help you, while there are others who hate you. The same applies for guards. The player has to use these biases to his advantage to get things done.
The player like a typical RPG can modify his character profile and characteristics. Though the base settings can be altered, the backstories remain.


The story begins with a coup in THESIA, the floating city formed by UNSC after majority of the Earth was rendered uninhabitable. The democratic government in Thesia has been overthrown. Chancellor Dawson took control and had all major leaders and heads of departments executed.
However the player's character was saved because Chancellor Dawson had once been his friend and holds a lot of respect for him. (Imagine Magneto and Professor Charles Xavier)
The player can start as one of the following characters:
  1. General Sully
  2. Professor Mathew
  3. Vice Chancellor Baron
  4. Judge Crawford


The Camera angle can be adjusted by the player. He can use it at a first person view, a third person view or even a strategic view. Example, Skyrim and Dragon Age.
In the scene below the column on the left denotes buttons mapped out to different actions. All the mechanics and actions can be custom mapped to these buttons and changed in the game after pausing.
On the bottom right corner is the sequencing of the actions, which can again be, defined by the player. Changing the number of actions and the length of the sequence and hence the outcome of the interaction


Fixed Controls

  • W: Forward
  • A: Backward
  • S: Strafe Left
  • D: Strafe Right
  • Spacebar: Jump
  • Shift: Sprint
  • Ctrl: Crouch
  • Alt: Move Slow
  • F: Interact
  • G: Drop Item
  • Q: Look Left
  • E: Look Right
  • `/~: Type out speech
  • Tab: Switch Active Hand
  • Esc: Pause
  • I: Inventory
  • J: Journal

Customized Controls

  • 1: Whisper
  • 2: Shout
  • 3: Whistle
  • 4: Scream
  • 5: Wink
  • 6: Roll Eyes
  • 7: Tap with Active Hand
  • 8: Punch
  • 9: Slap
  • 0: Stroke
  • X: Kick Right
  • C: Crawl
  • V: Spit
  • B: Sneeze
  • N: Cough
  • M: Bend at left Knee
  • L: Bend at Right Knee
  • and many other actions which can be mapped according to need.
Similarly many controls can be mapped onto a PS4 Dual Shock Controller by using Action wheels. (As used in Dragon Age and The Witcher 3, both having multitude of actions).

Jayant Kumar
Game Designer - Student