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About This GameHello Dear Friends, we are a team of free developers of two people. And we are proud to present to you our game - Steel Punk Ball!We’ve done our best to create this game for You. Despite the fact that such a gameplay is not popular anymore for a long time, we’ve tried to bring novelties and freshness in it, create obstacles and traps that you would like. We’ve tried very hard to make the game interesting and exciting. We’ve created the game for You and for ourselves. First, we'll show You what we would like to see as players in such kind of games. It would be difficult to list all of challenges we had to solve during development, but after 7 long months of hard work on the game, we can finally present it to You. We are surprised by the fact that for such a long time of development the game has not disgusted us and we hope that Your friends will also like the game.So What Do We Want to Present to You?First of all, the concept itself. 30 levels, which will be interesting to You and will please with their unpredictability and amusement;Although, the ball rolls along flat surfaces, we’ve created not a flat graphics at all;The complexity will increase as the levels pass, new obstacles and elements will be added;If the first few levels are passed by You within a few seconds, then You will have to spend a decent time to solve the next;We’ve created original sounds for the game, we are sure that You will appreciate it.Friends, we could have talking for a long time, but better try Steel Punk Ball and find out Yourself.Have fun Friends! b4d347fde0 Title: Steel Punk BallGenre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie, StrategyDeveloper:ExclexGamePublisher:ExclexGameRelease Date: 24 Jul, 2017 Free Download Steel Punk Ball Hardware: Windows 10, i5 3570, GTX 1070, no problems.Graphics are good, as can be seen from the video. There appears to be only one music track, and it's pretty repetitive. The overall sound design could be stronger.The ball physics feel good; the ball has a good, solid weight, though it doesn't seem to accelerate enough on downhill slopes. Going uphill can feel painfully slow if you don't start with enough momentum. The ability to boost your speed with a button press (and using a finite resource to do so) would be welcome. I would like the ball to have a rolling sound; right now it is silent.The game supports a 360 controller; left stick moves the ball. I had expected right stick to let me rotate the camera, but it didn't do anything and there's no controls menu. It doesn't make it impossible to play, but it does feel a bit unintuitive to have a good view of the ball only when moving on the Y axis.The levels start out very easy and quick to finish, slowly introducing new concepts. Traps so far (I played through level 9) are designed to slow you down rather than "kill" you, for example, to reduce the speed of the ball, or to knock you off the proper path, causing you to lose time to get back.You have a set number of seconds to finish a level, and either fail, or get rated one, two or three stars based on how well you did. Powerups on the levels increase your remaining time. Not all are mandatory, and there are some in out of the way places you may need to make the best time. You can repeat a level right away for a better time if you wish, though the only purpose of a better time is for your personal level-by-level records. Getting the best score for a level will require some trial and error as you learn the optimal path. I suspect later levels will require a fair bit of trial and error to finish them in time, as the size and complexity was ramping up rather quickly as I reached level 10.I've never played any other similar games (such as Marble Drop), so I can't compare to them, but the game seems fairly priced at $2.. Based on the video, I really thought I would like this game, but there are too many issues for me to like it.- You have a limited amount of time to complete each level, so you are racing the clock while trying to figure out what to do and where to go, while also avoiding moving obstacles and projectiles. Nowhere in the description did it say this was a time-based game. If I had known that, I never would have purchased it.- There is only one song (at least through the first 9 levels) -- house/techno genre, I believe -- and it starts from the beginning at the start of every level. After the first 9 levels, I had to turn the music off because it was unbearably annoying.- You need momentum to move the ball uphill, and it loses momentum as it rolls uphill, frequently stopping before you reach the top of a ramp, requiring you to go back down the ramp, start from farther back, and try again. If you didn't have limited time, this wouldn't be an issue, but you do have limited time, so failing to reach the top of a ramp and having to retry will usually eat enough time that you run out of time and fail the level.- Control is very sluggish. This is probably intentional, to make it more difficult by giving the ball extra weight, making it sluggish to start, change direction, and stop.- The "bumpers" which spring out from the wall seem to have poor hit detection. It seems that they frequently "hit" the ball even when it looks like the ball has moved passed them.- The required times remaining in order to get 2 or 3 stars are unbelievably high, bordering on (or, in many cases, outright) impossible to achieve.If you were allowed more time to complete each level, then maybe some of the issues could be overlooked (such as momentum issues when going up a ramp). An even better idea would be to lose the stupid star system that every mobile game seems to use, lose the time limit, and let the player play at their own pace rather than racing the clock.For this game to be enjoyable to me, the music would need to be better and have multiple songs, responsivelness would need to be greatly improved, and the time limit would need to be removed.
Lacey Hawkins