Free Asset - "Business casual" Background NPC Animation
I'm going to need a lot of background NPCs for my next solo project and I decided to share my assets with the community. I'll start with animations (PNG Sprite Sheets), Implementation (Unity Prefabs) and Controller Scripts (C#)

"Business casual male with glasses" animation (2D)

I used Photoshop for 2D vector design, then I did the animations duplicating and doing simple rotations of the layers. It's meant to work with Unity's default settings.
The general idea is an NPC that walks around in the background, waves hello and interacts with other NPCs. Eventually he'll exit the map through a door or alley. I'll start working on the Unity prefab and controller script as part of the assets pack.

Included Sprite Sheets

  • Idle: 8 frames
  • Walking: 15 frames
  • Waving: 24 frames
  • Exit: 16 frames


  • You can use the art provided by this asset pack for personal and commercial use.
  • You cannot redistribute this asset pack.

You can download all sprite sheets and preview gifs on
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