Free 3D Inventory And Loot Asset in the making
Published 9 months ago
Freedom isn't free, but some assets are
I've been working on a free asset to upload to the store, it's a lootable container script which can transform any 3d obj into something that can contain other objects mapped in memory. And also an inventory system where those looted items go and you can even map prefabs to the items so the prefab is spawned if you click the item in the inventory as if you would drop it into the world.
I've had some issues with the package due to not being a company so i don't have a publisher site i just do it because i needed one for my game and i couldn't find one system simple like this for free so i felt like giving back and filling that gap for other people.
I will work in passing this asset and any updates i will post here so if you are interested stay tuned, bye! :)

Matias Fito
Indie Game Dev - Programmer