Freaky Pets
Freaky Pets is a spin off game of Freaky Creatures published by Abandon Interactive and developed by ZeeGee Games. It's an online virtual world where players can interact in the central hub and play mini-games together. One of the characters was available for free, while the others were collected by purchasing the corresponding stuffed animal at a retail outlet.
The game was built with Unity, and Photon Server was used for the real-time multiplayer. I was primarily responsible for programming three of the mini-games.
Hover Racers was a simple Mario Kart clone where the player picked up crates with various special abilities and launched them at the other players causing them to spin out. Players would wait in the matchmaking area until the room was full or the time expired. The game would then start with any missing players filled with AI racers.
The memory game "Memory Monkey" is a pretty straightforward "match 2" memory game.
The dancing mini-game, which is not shown in the video, was a four player dance-off similar to DDR. Players would wait in the matchmaking lobby just like Hover Racers. Missing player slots were left empty when the time expired, so it was possible to play solo. Arrows would pass across the top of the screen in step with the music. Pressing the corresponding arrow keys on the keyboard would make your character perform dance moves and score points. Avoid missing an arrow, and you get a combo bonus for increased points. The player with the most points was declared the winner.
The servers have long since been taken down, and as such, the game is no longer playable.
Kevin Lukic
Software Programmer - Programmer