Fracturing & Destruction
The Ultimate Fracturing & Destruction Tool is a Unity 3D editor extension that allows you to fracture, slice and explode meshes. It also allows to visually edit behaviors for all in-game destruction events like collisions, making it possible to trigger sounds and particles when collisions occur without the need to script anything.
Ultimate Fracturing & Destruction's main features are:
  • Includes different sample scenes for quick learning.
  • Includes full sourcecode.
  • Supports BSP (recursive slicing) & Voronoi fracturing algorithms.
  • Supports externally fractured objects (Rayfire...). Tutorial.
  • Can generate chunk connection graph to enable structural behavior. Destruction will behave intelligently depending on how the chunks are interconnected and also connected to the world.
  • Can detect mesh islands.
  • Automatically maps the interior of the fractured mesh. You only need to assign the interior material.
  • Visual editor to handle all events allowing to specify particle systems, sounds or any prefabs that need to be instanced when detaching, collisions, bullet impacts or explosions occur.
  • Full UI integration allowing you to visualize and edit everything in the editor.
  • Includes our Mesh Combiner utility to enable compound object fracturing as well.
  • If you have our Concave Collider tool, you have additional control over the colliders generated.
  • Many many parameters to play with!
For more information please visit:
Enrique Tromp
Main Developer - Owner