Fractal World
Updated a year ago
Within the Realm of a Dying Sun

Day 15 jan, 2018

Key Assets
Unity Volumetric Lighting - Volumetric lighting solution
Post Processing Stack v2 - The version two of the Post Processing Stack.
3Ds Max , Zbrush , MandleBulb3D, Substance Painter
Music Credits The Furture of London Flower III
Finale submission for Neon Challange
I started to mockup som ideas to create a strange planet and even more stranger creatures within a fractal world. This World lies beyond the know Universe. This project is seperated into two major scenes on is a Reactor plant and the other is a fractal forest. the factale world is a pure inhabitated fractal planet where the Sun is dying.
So i began researching math models to create a fractal GLS shader for Unity. I did a script to switch between different kinds of fractal sharpes in runtime
When i had a functionel shader I began to eksperiment with realtime light and volumetric fog and try to combine assets element together with the fractal shader not as easy because of the rather abitrary nature of fractal so it is hard to combine together into a futuristic environment.

Day 2 Dec 14, 2017
Starting to build the main Modular interior env for the Project.....
Day 4 Dec 17, 2017
I Added a flower glass dome to combine Fractal and assets together

Day 6 Dec 19, 2017
Starting to do the end scene:-) Spoiler! I started to fracture some primitives in 3ds max with Rayfire in 3ds max and importet it to Unity and here I did some color test for Fractal forrest... more text to come

Day 29 Dec, 2017
Character design and mirror updated text soon

Daniel Skaale
Tech Artist, Level Artist - Educator