FPS Zombie Game
Published a year ago
In development
Linux; Mac; Windows
A great FPS Zombie game in process that I've been working on for couple months with the help of the Game Institute ( tutorials. This game is currently in progress and I just use it for my personal learning purposes, NOT for comercial uses. All the assets are found for free in the asset store, or including the zombies and the level.
This game includes all the skills that a professional game developer needs, specially scripting and how to assemble a game in Unity. I'm actually enrolled in the Game Insitute website and so far I've had lots of fun building this game. The idea of the game is simple, getting rid of the ombies, but, the zombies are controlled by a robust AI state machine, with different states used by all the zombies (Idle, feeding, attack, pursuit). Combined with the default animations that every character contains, animation curves, melee triggers, etc make a realistic behaviour and an amazing experience for the final user. So far, by building this game I've aquired skills and knowledge in C# scripting(Production level), unity game assembling by adding triggers, colliders, AI state machine, navigation, pathfinding, and more important components, that at this time im short in words to describe. Actually the development is focused in adding the audio components in a professional level being handled by scripts and the audio mixer. Later, the game tasks and the FPS shooter animations and guns will be added. I have used the learnt concepts to add more zombies and monsters with their respective animations and AIstate machine components; every single zombie and monster has its own "personality" given by the state machine variables such as vision, field of view, hearing, running, etc. The zombies when being shooted on their legs start limping and if a threshold is reached they will crawl because they lose the hability of walking due to damage, they also let know other zombies that the player is around by screaming. The project is still in construction and I also have added a new level that i found for free in the asset store, lighting, player HUD and ammo inventory system will be handled later. Thanks for reading.
Jason L10
Eletronic Engineer, Developer - Programmer
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Linux; Mac; Windows