FPS Beginners Mods Challenge Results
Published a month ago
FPS Beginners Mods Challenge Winners and Honorable Mentions
Over the course of November/December the FPS Beginners Mods Challenge saw an incredible number of entries into the Challenge. Many of the entries made it incredibly difficult to choose winners for this as we enjoyed so many of them, in the end we settled on three victors as well as five Honorable mentions.
We would like to thank everyone that entered the Challenge and for providing us plenty of fun while playing and judging the entries, we look forward to seeing what you can do in the next challenge. Without any delay here are the Winners and Honorable mentions for the FPS Beginners Mods Challenge. To check out each game click on the image to be taken to the game page.


Winner #1 - Disco Tomb
Disco Tomb has the player jumping into a Tomb party that is being invaded by Droids. This game not only features some excellent changes graphically for the challenge but also provides two separate levels for the player to enjoy. The creator also included some surprises from the Droids in some rooms to provide a challenge for players.
Winner #2 - Chicken Invaders
Forget robots, demons or otherworldly foes, Chickens have invaded. Our second winner of FPS Beginner Challenge has the player battling against a horde of chickens. Because of their size changes and the layout of the level this makes for a really fun and challenging game to play.
Winner #3 - Wheres The Warden?
It's a jailbreak.... The robot guards are keeping you captive and you need to blast your way out in our third winner of the challenge. The game has some great changes to the level as well as the enemies and on top of that a timer to see how fast you can race to escape.


#1 - Apollo 201
Liftoff!!! Into space we go as players find themselves stranded on a planet with a broken ship. Some delightful visual changes to the levels and enemies of Apollo 201 as well as additions of a tutorial and various secrets to discover.
#2 - BeachLandFPS
Starting off with an incredible tutorial, the player will quickly find themselves on a beach trying to recover data from robots. If that wasn't enough you can then teleport to another level on a ship to continue your game.
#3 - Incremental
This game included a fantastic RPG style system that lets you level up abilities and weapons as you blast your way through waves of enemies. Also some secrets to uncover throughout the game.
#4 - REST
This Tron styled level is visually lots of fun to play. On top of the visual changes the level was also expanded so there is more to see and do. See for yourself!
#5 - P.E.A.C.E
Another visually pleasing game as we see changes to the level and the weapon. Players have to battle their way through robots to make it to an extraction point.

Thank you to our amazing community—we can’t wait to see what you create in 2020!
Andrew Donnell
Community Manager - Other