Foxic Adventure
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Immerse yourself in this beautiful and meaningful story
  • Indie Prize 2019 Finalist
  • Official selection on Gamerome 2019 developer showcase
The time I started as a game programmer on this project the company didn’t have any experience with game development. We went through full pipeline of game development process. I developed 4 different types of gameplay and user control: 3d walking game, pseudo-2d runner game, 3d swimming game and watermelon shooter game. I got experience with optimization, profiling, debugging, UI programming and some other stuff. Foxic Adventure project was released and the company received their first shipped game product.
Join Patrick the Fox in his challenging quest to get the special flour for his dumplings.
He is brave, persistent and determined. And he never gives up. But he NEEDS YOUR HELP to navigate through colorful and unknown places.
Enjoy Summer vibes and various colorful locations on land and underwater.
Brightest Adventure there is.
Download and enjoy this free to play blockbuster game where you can:
  • explore 7 different locations and 4 different game mechanics
  • you will have to run, swim, jump and explore everything around.. and stay out of trouble of course.
  • relax and enjoy beautiful cutscenes
  • Immerse yourself in this beautiful and meaningful story!
Yevhen Rozhovetskyi
Game Developer - Programmer
Game Languages
English; Japanese; Korean; Spanish
Supported Platforms