Fortress Defender
Fortress defender is a computer game where you play as a tank, which I made for my Game Programming Concepts class. This game has a single-player mode and a multi-player mode. The goal is to go around shooting enemy tanks and see how many you can destroy before they kill you. The tanks have three different personalities: aggressive, explorer, and sporadic. The game also generates a new map each time it is played. The game also includes power ups that allow you to heal, have increased speed, increased firing rate, or bigger bullets. The game also features a high-score list which allows users to input their name which will then be displayed on the list next to their score. Since making this game for my class I have decided to decrease the time between shots and include a pause menu. I have also added the ability for the player to press escape to exit the game from any screen after losing/quitting the game. I felt that decreasing the time between being allowed to fire would make it feel more fun as you wouldn’t have to wait as long before you can fire again, and neither do the enemies. I felt that including a pause menu and the ability to use escape to exit the game make the game feel more finished. To download the game check out the below link To download the whole project check out the below link
Alison Taylor
Game Programmer