Published a month ago
The game I played was Fortnite. This game is enjoyable to me because of the large based massively multiplayer battle royal. Fortnite has a large open world where you can build and fight other teams with your friends. The thing that makes this game so enjoyable to me is the building aspect of the game. It is just really fun to build fight in the game. In addition they have added a lot of new movement to the game. Such as cars, boats, and all sorts of marvel superhero gadgets.

Fortnite seems to be declining in popularity, at least among my friends. I can't remember the last time I saw one of my friends playing fortnite and I know we are not the only people who have strayed away from the game. It seems as if the game that was the biggest in the world is starting to be more and more less played. Although it is frequently the most watched game on twitch and Youtube. I am not going to lie, I was one of the players who stopped playing when the new map came out. However I have gotten back into it because frankly I am burned out of call of duty. Fortnite is a good switch up because in a game like call of duty if you are getting shot in the open you can't control much. In fortnite however, you can control your life more by building and editing in fights. This is what makes fortnite different from any other game.

Players have become very skilled at build, fight and editing. In the old fortnite seasons no one really built that much and the game was pretty laid back and fun. Now though if a player gets shot at they start cranking out huge buildings. I think this is partially why people stopped playing fortnite. In the new season fortnite also added AI bots into the game which essentially are just fake players who are free kills. Now I don't know if they did this to cater the players who were sick of dying, or simply because their player base has dropped off. According to an announcement made by Epic games(owners of Fortnite) in May 2020 Fortnite had a peak registered players of 350 million. With that many players it seems unnecessary to have bots in the game. I personally know from all my friends that it doesn't make the game fun, because it is not as rewarding killing them. You can instantly tell when a player is an AI they don't react to shots or build.

If I had control of Fortnites game development I would immediately take bots out of the game. In addition I would switch the map back to the original one. I think this would instantly bring millions and millions of players back to the game. It is what we all remembered when Fortnite was the game we couldn't wait to go home to get online with our friends. The last thing I would change would be skill based matchmaking. This would be a stretch because a lot of little kids play the game and the game has catered to it. Although for literally everyone else it would make the game better. Skill based matchmaking makes games often unplayable because, if you are even slightly good at the game you get placed in ridiculously good lobbies.

Fortnite has a huge player base and obviously is doing something right. It truly is a one of a kind game that changed the gaming industry forever. Almost every shooter game that comes out from large companies now has a battle royal implemented in it. Fortnite itself is still a very enjoyable game and continues to add fresh content each season to change the game up. I am sure the future of Fortnite will continue to be bright.
Connor Kelley
TU - Student