Forgotten Deep (WIP)
Updated 3 years ago
Forgotten Deep ~ Underwater Requiem
Hi Guys, we are excited to participate in this challenge. I am working together with my friend Meredith Gammon. The setting for our project is a deep sea environment with sunken Research Nuclear subs that collided during a deep dive to investigate reports of a creature with healing powers. The nuclear leak fallout and chemicals from the experimental research subs caused the deep sea creatures living near the crash site to mutate. Eventually the water dried out leaving a bare and forlorn looking sea bed with creatures improvising to survive above water. Over the years, these creatures became drawn to the foreboding crash site to curve out a life. On what has become a vending must go to for these creatures, opportunistic predator creatures are peddling cures for the contamination and radiation ~ hidden behind the allure of the cure solution, is the true nature of these deep see hunters masquerading as vendors.
Solomon W. Jagwe
Art Director - Artist