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Forgiveness is an escape room puzzle game themed on the seven deadly sins, with psychological-horror elements and a personality test that will determine what challenge you’ll be faced with.
The Story
You have lived your life in sin and now you can’t escape the punishment of "God". You wake up in an empty room where Dr Benjamin Smith has trapped you to test your worthiness to stand his judgement ‒ The man believes himself a god and wants to bring his own form of justice to the world. Will you be punished or will you earn your Forgiveness?.
The gameplay in Story Mode is based on the personality test the player takes at the start of the game: the room design and the environment, as well as the trials you’ll go through on your escape to freedom will change accordingly. Explore the rich environments, analyze each object, examine the clues to find the key to solve the intricate puzzles. In Free Play, you can visit all the rooms at your choice. The game also allows you to play either on Normal or Extreme difficulty. The normal difficulty has subtle hints and there is no time limit, but if you want to experience what real punishment is, try to face the challenge by yourself on Extreme mode, with the clock ticking and only 30 minutes left to escape each room! If the time is up and you haven’t solved, you will face terrible consequences.
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Linux; Mac; Windows