Forest Warrior Full Crack [hacked]
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Forest Warrior Full Crack [hacked] -

About This GameGet Forest Warrior 20% off during Early Access!Forest Warrior is a game in which you will have to survive a forest full of evil monsters like zombies, birds and fire spirits. Using weapons as hatchets, guns and explosives you will have to stay alive in increasingly difficult waves. Besides weapons you are also able to use so called specials. Specials are powerups that can be activated in-game. They vary in duration and function and have a certain power level. The specials are described in the select menu before starting the game. While in-game you have four specials per run, of which three can be chosen from the select menu whereas the last one (the most powerful one) is locked. A particular type of specials are "Allies". Allies can be summoned to back you up while fighting the evil. Examples of allies are the Hawk and the Husky. The Hawk helps clear up birds where the Husky helps you survive evil monsters at ground level. d859598525 Title: Forest WarriorGenre: Action, Adventure, Indie, Early AccessDeveloper:Inferno StudioRelease Date: 25 Jun, 2015 Forest Warrior Full Crack [hacked] Had like 1 hour to kill.Saw _Forest Warrior_ in special.Hum, Buy button.. 1min left, game on my desktop.Went full retard and played the game for like 3hours strike...Now im late.. This game is unpolished and unbalanced. (To an unfair level)The trailer looked okay but the reality is alot worse. The spawn is somewhat RNG which makes taking damage somethimg invetiable and you can only take three hits. Also the melee hitbox is far off so you might end up losing 1/3 of your health trying to melee something. (Which is your only chance without firearms)Ill play it slightly more, but I doubt this'll change my emotions about this game.Stay away from it!. Oversimplistic combat and jittery movement spoil what could have been a good side-scroller. It sounded good from the description but the actual gameplay was dissapointing.BUYER BEWAREENVOY RATED: 2/10. Game is abandoned. Been years and there's no progress.
Jill Rogers