Forest Wandering - Learning How to Use Unity for VR
Updated 5 months ago
In development
Oculus Rift; Other VR; Gear VR
[IN PROGRESS] As a student who is very intrigued in VR, I decided to begin learning the ropes of Unity and development for Oculus by creating a sort of forest exploration. It will probably never be much, just a basic VR experience to wander around in a relaxing fantasy forest.
I have been working on this project on-and-off to learn the ropes of making a environment for VR. This is a single-person project.
All assets, excluding the OVR controls (, were from the Unity Asset Store.
Asset Credits:
Andrew Isaias - Warped Fantasy Music Pack (
Robintucker - Medieval House (
Boxophobic - FREE Skybox - Cubemap Extended (
Pure Evil Studios - Water Effect Fits For Lowpoly Style (
Pxltiger - Fantasy Landscape (
//This list may change in the future.
Maddisen Garrett
Game Dev - Student
Supported Platforms
Oculus Rift; Other VR; Gear VR