Forest Ranger : Adventures
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Wildlife Themed Hidden Object Puzzle Game
Overview : You are entrusted with protecting and promoting forests and national parks. So, grab your gear and become one of the rangers of this national park to protect its natural environment. This is your adventure of a lifetime.
Mechanics and genre: This game is an educational subgenre of the 'Hidden Object' genre games, which are instantly playable by a wide range of players. This genre is well established, fun and much suitable for kids of various ages. A hidden object game (sometimes called hidden picture) is a genre of puzzle video game in which the player must find items from a list that are hidden within a picture. Hidden object games are a popular trend in casual gaming and very production-friendly.
Progression: The levels/puzzles will appear as quests, tasks, and emergencies. The tasks will be visible in the game map so that the player can prioritize them. In each level, the player has to find animals and other items from a scene view. Which differs from level to level. Players will score points and get rewards. Perfect scores can be rewarded with medals. Equipment bonus: Additional equipment such as torch, binoculars, radio tracking can be unlocked.
Hint System (Education) : Each level will have hint systems through which the player can be educated about the animals and the environment. And then they can use education to crack the puzzle.
These are some sample challenges/ levels :
1. Patrol and identify wildlife : Here the player will have to identify animals from the scene within a given time (optional).
2. Law enforcement : Here the player will have to pick hidden poachers from the scene before they can kill the animals. And hand them over to the police.
Prevent Wildfire : Here the player will have to identify and suppress wildfire at different stages of spreading.
Search and Rescue Animals : You have an emergency! Here the player will have to identify sick/ abandoned baby animals and take them to the vet clinic.
Search and Count (Advanced) : Here the player will have to identify and count animals by matching tracks.
Assist Tourist by giving Tour (Evaluation): Here the player will have to give a tour of the forest to tourists and answer their questions. This can be a test level for the educator to evaluate the learning progression of the player.
Satyajit Chakraborty