Forest of Time
Published 3 years ago
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A puzzle platformer game where you have to use power of time to beat the puzzle, based on Timun
Mas folklore in Indonesia
"Where am i ?"
"This forest is strange."
"Wait! What is that mysterious door?"
"Perhaps that door can help me escape."
"But, how can i reach there?"

Lies before the door is a brain-wrecking puzzle.
Yes, Timun need your brain to help her reach the door so she can escape through the Forest of Time.
Can you solve them oh brave players?

Feature set :
* Mind-blowing Visual Style - I can see your reaction full of awe.
* Brain-wrecking Puzzle - I can hear you scratching your head.
* 4 Big Worlds - Clear all of them to escape through the Forest of Time.
* Time Portals - Timun can travel to past and future. Use them to your advantage.
* Magical Seeds - The seeds can grow into different plants. Use them to your advantage.
* Unexpected surprises - Explore fully and uncover hidden objects and hidden doors.
* Interactive Control - Move timun using left and right button and tap action button to interact with objects.
* Items - They can help you solving the puzzle, reaching hidden objects and hidden doors.
* Daily Rewards - Login everyday to earn coins.
* Gift Tree - Ever heard about money tree? Now you have it. Go harvest your coins.
Riady Salim
Bachelor of Informatics Technology - Programmer
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