For the Blood Gods
Updated a year ago
My Journey through learning Unity (or how I learned to love Cinemachine/Timeline)
My name is Philip Elson and I began using Unity about a year and a half ago. I come from a background of working in film and media and had always wanted to dive into the world of game development. I saw this as an opportunity to start a project and see how far I could get with my current knowledge of Unity, as well as push myself to learn new things. I can truly say this has been an experience for me. The power Unity gives one to create with next to no coding knowledge is absolutely incredible. If there were only one thing I could have changed, it would have been starting on the project sooner than I did. I hope you enjoy my first ever project in Unity.
Development screenshots:

I had a story I wanted to tell, of a traveller coming to save a world that had started over. I wanted to tell the story through contextual images, the dilapidated city in the background from a previous civilization. Perhaps this heroine had been raised in this small village as an outsider, destined to one day save it. Civilization had been brought back to it's infantile state, early and primitive, while the rest of this alien world still remained modern.
Assets Used:
  • MicroSplat
  • Fantasy Adventure Environment
  • PBR Temple
  • Suimono Water System
  • Shuriken Salvo
  • HDR Skyboxes
  • Alien Moon
  • Boneskin settlement pack
  • Destroyed_city_FREE
  • PyramidsH
  • Better Rocks and Cliffs
I had many iterations of the project, and did not anticipate having to learn new techniques, although, I can say this helped strengthen my toolset with Unity. Here are some early concepts from the project:
I had a vision in mind, and found it to be much more ambitious, which was also paramount in learning. I went on, I began to really enjoy using the tools provided as they became very intuitive coming from using all sorts of Digital non-linear editors.
My vision became much closer to what I had imagined. I knew there were small tweaks that I had to make, but I got closer and closer with each iteration. Switching to the Post Processing stack v2 is something I wish I would have done in advanced, as opposed to several days before the deadline (lesson learned).

Philip Elson