Foodie Trucks™ by Durham Games
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Windows; Xbox One; iOS; Android
In Foodie Trucks, you create your food truck and the food you want to sell. Not just a simple chop, slice, and tap game where you make the food you're told - your journey to be the best food truck in the city requires speed, strategy, and creativity! It's easy to get out there and sell food and you'll increase in skill as a chef while learning that each choice you make may affect how your truck is viewed by the foodies of the city.

Use strategy to determine which flavors work best in the part of the city you're trying to win over. Each neighborhood has changing tastes that you have to meet in order to make them love you. Find the best way to add powerful ingredients as you begin to master them. Create a food menu customers can't resist!

Learn combinations of ingredients that enable you unlock complex super combos that can send the crowd into a frenzy. Quick reflexes and careful planning makes for colossal rewards of fame and fortune.

On the road to food truck mastery, you can customize your truck, your food and yourself to show off your personal tastes!

If you want a pink, pirate-themed truck with an octopus that sits atop, you can happily use it to sell avocado and wasabi ice cream. Maybe you find that works best when you're selling food down by the docks at midnight? Well, do that!

Your food, your truck, your game!

Foodie Trucks exists in a dynamic world where finding the ideal combination of ingredients, creating appealing food, and getting it to the right crowd at the right time are the keys to becoming the best ever!
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Supported Platforms
Windows; Xbox One; iOS; Android